Imagine! Puppy Enjoying To The Beats Of His Favorite Song

Watch as he reacts by singing along!

#5 Soul Touching Song

  #5 Soul Touching Song

Each one of us gets goosebumps on that one song that touches our soul. No matter how important and crucial work you’re doing, but when the song comes up, you stop everything, turn up the volume and your soul dances.

It’s not necessary to be human to enjoy or a have favorite song. Cats and dogs also like music, you don’t believe?

Check out the video!

#4 Star of the Video!

  #4 Star of the Video!

Australian Shepherd, Oakley is the star of the video. Not only is Oakley an amazing singer, but he’s also training to be a therapy dog. At the beginning of the video, Oakley is enjoying a nice nap in the car, while Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap” is being played.

The image depicts little Oakley fast asleep.

#3 Join in and Sing along…!

#3 Join in and Sing along…!

The little puppy perks up and start singing along when he hears ‘Let It Go’ come up.

Oakley loves the song ‘Let It Go’ from the famous Disney movie, Frozen. You might have surely heard the song twice or thrice!

But just wait and see Oakley sing this song and you join him!

#2 Proof that Dogs have favorites

  #2 Proof that Dogs have favorites

Even the puppies couldn’t stop themselves from loving this terrific song by Idina Menzel. In the video, you’ll see Oakley singing it aloud in LOVE.

This intelligent creature till now was enjoying and singing the song but as “Boom Clap” comes back on, it’s back to sleep for Mr. Oakley…

Sing along with Oakley!

#1 Go Ahead! Enjoy!

Look at this video! You will feel it in your soul too.

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