Guy's Hilarious Evil Revenge On Asshole Neighbors Was So Perfect They Moved Out!

Do you think he went too far? I think this was hella funny though!

#3 Neighbors

All of us have had our share of Neighbors. We love some of them, downright hate most of them and with a few, we maintain a love-hate relationship.


There are some neighbors that you can't help but hate. Especially when they gave you all the reasons to hate them. After all who likes neighbors who keep picking on you for the damnest of things!

Like this guy's neighbours!

#2 The Story

#2 The Story

Imgur user 2amandwideawake had suffered at the hands of his downstairs neighbors for all too long before he walked down the path of revenge. Here's what he shares-

Soooo backstory. My downstairs neighbors were dicks. To the point where even tip toeing around my apt past 10 PM would elicit banging on the ceiling (floor?) and eventually escalated to the cops being called b/c my washer machine was being run at 9 PM.

So what he did was, after finding out his neighbors had unsecured Bluetooth speakers, he decided to teach them a lesson- a very spooky one at that!

As you can see from his post, playing creepy tunes at 3 AM for exactly 6 seconds will scare the shit out of anyone. Poor neighbours!


#1 The Update

#1 The Update

Of course,they moved out! It's freaky enough for one night but hearing freaky creepy music at 3 AM for 6 seconds exactly for 10 days? That's gonna give you enough heart problems to last a lifetime.

The user 2amandwideawake said he did feel bad for scaring them so much that they moved out. But he also did say he did not regret anything. Well, who can blame him? At least he got his neighbor problem solved.

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