When Dad Saw This On His Child's Hand, He Was Shocked. Take A Look...

As soon as this Dad saw this on his kids arm, he was alarmed. What he did next is unbelievable. Take a look...

#3 A Stamp

#3 A Stamp

This is a story of a Father from Alabama who was stunned thanks to something on the hands of his son who is in third grade. His third grader son returned home from school with a stamp on his arm.

At first, he thought that this is just a joke played by another kid, but the truth was much more worrying.

#2 The Meaning

#2 The Meaning

As soon as the father got the meaning of the stamp, he took to the local news to air his disturbing plead. The reality was that his son was called out and publicly humiliated for a very minor infraction.

Why exactly was he humiliated for? What was his mistake?

Keep reading ahead to know all this.

#1 The Sad Truth

#1 The Sad Truth

So his son's school operates its cafeteria by using refillable charge cards. Parents refill this card from time to time. Teachers remind parents if ever their child's card needs topping up.

But this time, the way in which they decided to inform this father was unacceptable. They had notified him by stamping a reminder onto his child's arm. Now this is disgusting. No wonder he was so pissed after looking at the stamp.

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