Watch This Axe-Weilding 'Iraqi Rambo' As He Fights Back The ISIS.

The threat of terrorist organisation ISIS has been very real in the world. However, there is one person who is taking matters into his own hands.

#3 The Angel Of Death.

#3 The Angel Of Death.

Abu Azrael, famously known as Iraqi Rambo which means 'Angel of Death'. By far, he has put 1500 ISIS members to death. Vocativ has stated him to be a threat for the ISIS and an idol for the Iraqi. He's bagged any facebook pages by the people as a support.

Although he wields axes and swords and is a badass monster, he is never giving up on the terrorist organisation.

#2 No Lives To Be Soared.

#2 No Lives To Be Soared.

The 'Iraqi Rambo' has made a massive comeback and is firing machine gun, on the jihadi’s front line in the video ahead. Abu has returned back as the ISIS holds on as the Fallujah weakens as government troops assault the city. The Daily Star reports that the ‘jihadi slayer’ has joined the fight to retake the city of Fallujah from the so-called Islamic State.

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#1 And He Decides Their Fate!

Azrael has been the leader of Shi’ite militia, the Imam Ali Brigade, a group fighting Islamic State in Iraq. Although the people at Iraq and not quite really happy with the violence he creates and the way he kills the ISIS members with his axe which he never forgets to carry, he has clearly stated his mind to the other party stating, ‘ISIS this will be your fate, we will cut you like shawarma.’

Watch the video of Iraqi Rambo, below.

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