This Is What Happens When You Drop 20 Kg Of Red Hot Steel Onto A Frozen Lake


Some videos are weirdly satisfying to watch! Meet Lauri! He does extremely breathtaking scientific experiments and also records them on camera to let the world see them. He runs a YouTube channel named 'Beyond The Press' which has all the videos that he has covered while doing different crazy experiments!

Recently, he decides to take a 20-kilogram chunk of red-hot steel and place it on a frozen lake. So, are you excited to now what happened when he did that? Keep reading to know

Are you wondering why he's doing that? Well, he wants to see if it's a rather quick way to melt through the ice for ice fishing.

The hot steel melts the ice surrounding the water as you would have expected and eventually creates a thick film of vapour. But does it break through the ice? Go ahead and check the video to know.

Eventually it slows down..but it doesn't quite break through..

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