They've Built An Incredible 600-Meter-Long Water Slide In New Zealand. Would You Ride This?

It's awesome!

When was the last time you've had extreme fun? When you've been to an adventure park, right? People who absolutely love being in water would swear by the fact that there can be nothing more adventurous and refreshing as a great water slide!

But don't you always long for a longer water slide? Because the slides at the adventure park never satisfy you enough! Well, it seems like someone has heard you!

When the temperature is soaring high, there can be no relief as being in the water all day long. So, it seems that New Zealand has taken it very seriously and hence, installed this amazing water slide in their town!

You just wouldn't want to miss it. Keep reading to know all the details about this adventurous ride and don't miss out on the video at the end.

This water slide is 2000 ft long and has a 300-foot drop! Can you believe it? Well, as hard as it is to believe, but this ride lasts an entire minute. Isn't it just amazing?

What more can you ask for on a hot summer day? Head on to see the complete video of the water slide. It's insanely awesome!

Just see the world's most awesome water slide in the vide below. We bet you would want to book your tickets to New Zealand and go there immediately

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