There's A Trick To Buying Plane Tickets - It's So Good To Know

Prices for airline tickets can be volatile. What are the worst days and the best days to buy a plane ticket? Here are some details.

#3 The Worst Day to Buy an Airline Ticket

#3 The Worst Day to Buy an Airline Ticket

Airlines are a common mode of transport in the modern era. Ever Wondered Why Is There A Hole In Airplane Windows? Hole or no hole, airline ticket prices are extremely volatile. They are known to shoot up on.. hold on to your hats because you won't see this coming - Fridays! On an average, domestic economy class travellers on end up paying about 11% more if they were to book flights for Fridays.

Surprised? We definitely are. A lot of research and statistical analyses indicate that Friday is, in fact, the most expensive day to buy an airline ticket. A number of factors are in play. Most of the airlines' economy fleet is in for maintenance by Friday every week and some airlines also introduce price hikes by the end of the week to see if others will attempt to match them.

Continue reading to find out which is the best day to book your ticket.

#2 The Best Day to Buy an Airline Ticket

#2 The Best Day to Buy an Airline Ticket

Expedia’s Analysis shows that Sunday is the cheapest day to book your domestic economy ticket. Other experts say Tuesday is the magic day, but it can never hurt to have another option especially if you want to spend the weekend on your "business trip" and leave on Tuesday.

We’ve got a video waiting for you. Watch it on the next page to find out more.

#1 The Video

It's not just another conspiracy theory, it is the truth!

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