The Woman Learns Shameful Lesson For Getting Angry On Stranger For Eating Her Cookies

Sometimes people just react on things without knowing the whole story and their heat of moment brings them a lot of embarrassment and that teache them a lesson for life and also teaches them not to judge people so quickly

The Woman At Airport

The Woman At Airport

The woman at the airport was waiting for her flight and she was sitting in the boarding room and decided to buy herself a book and a packet of yummy cookies and she sat on the seat so that she could relax and have her cookies in peace.

The Man Next To Her

A man came and sat next to her and started reading a magazine and when she started her cookie the man also started eating, after she one he took one after every cookie she took he also followed by taking one.

The last Cookie

She was really angry that what kind of man wa she who had no ethics and he kept eating her cookie and after the last cookie wa sleft she wanted to see what the man would do and the man took the half and left the another half for her and this mad eher more angry and she just got up and left for her flight.

The Truth

The Truth

After she sat in her flight ad strtaed finding her redaing glasses, she found her cookie packet in her purse and realise dthat she actually forgot to take her packet out and eat and actually the packet of cookie from which she was eating actually belonged to that man and he was patient enough to share his cookie with her unlike her.

Embarrassed Woman

She felt so embarrassed but it was too late and she ha no chance to explain herself in front of that man and she felt so sorry abut her behaviour and realised how wrong she was.

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