The Man Gets Confused In Choosing Between His Wife And Mistress

The man is not sure about keeping his wife or mistress and this confusion leads him to a person who gives him the solution for his confusion and makes it easy for him to choose

The Man Was Confused

Every relationship goes through some rough times but only a few survive and others just like to use that as a reason and play around with other people. A man did the same thing, he was confused whom to choose between his wife and mistress and he went to a wise man and he gave him a very intelligent answer.

The Man Started

The Man Started

The man gave him a rose and a cactus and asked him whom would he choose and the man said that is a silly question, he will obviously choose rose, on this the wise man said he just prove dthat he was shallow-minded and did not deserve any of them.

He further continued by saying, Rose is beautiful but it will wither one day if proper care is not taken and on the other hand Cactus would remain the same dark green in all the season with plenty of thorns but when it blooms you will get a lovely flower.

Your wife knows all your flaws and weakness and still love syou but your mistress knows only your good and attractive part where you care for her and love her, your wife has seen your rough phas ebut yur mistress has seen your joys only. Your wife has seen your defeat and she will stay back and support you during rough phas ebut your mistress wold just leave.

He finally close dby saying that you chose rose because you disliked cactus but you don't realise what you are doing now, one day you will realise that you lost diamonds while collecting stones.

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