Mom Expects A Normal Childbirth, But Then Nurse Rush In With This Shocking News..Unbeleivable

This childbirth is not at all NORMAL! She was in labor at the Moore Medical Center when this happened.

#3 The difficult situation

#3 The difficult situation

When the city was dreading while facing the havoc of tornado and the hospital was almost destroyed, this mom delivered a baby! Shayla, the woman from the city of Oklahoma was going through labor pain when tornado hit the city.

Though the doctors advised to reschedule the delivery, but since she was already having contraction, they had no other option. After being warned by the government authorities, the hospital ordered evacuation on the upper levels where the Shayla's husband and her son was located.

#2 The courageous nurses

#2 The courageous nurses

By the time the tornado hit the hospital, Shayla's epidural had immobilized the lower half of her body. The floor of the hospital started shaking abruptly and the ceiling above the bed started to collapse – all this while Shayla is in active labor! One of the nurses said, "My biggest fear is that Shayla is going to deliver in the middle of this nightmare and we’re going to lose her baby,"

They rushed Shyla to the operating room since it had no windows. They clasped their hands together and prayed. They hunkered down over her and closed their eyes tightly. Even in this frantic and adverse condition, they didn't left her alone. They were with her ALL THE TIME! Miraculous!

Watch the video below to see what happened next

#3 The Video

Shayla gave birth to a baby boy and named it Braeden Immanuel, which means “God is with us.” The courage of the nurses are applaudable to all extents!

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