Meet The White Death! And Reason Behind His Name Is A Complete Badass.

Silent but deadly.

#3 The Smiling Soldier.

#3 The Smiling Soldier.

This smiling Stud is Simo Häyhä. A soldier who had served fir a year as mandatory military service for the Finnish army. It was during the Winter War (1939-1940) with Russia, when he'd re-enlisted to help his country. He found shelter in the woods where the surrounding temperature was between -20 to -40 degrees celsius.

But Simo was renamed as 'The White Death'. The reason lies ahead.

#2 He Holds A Record As Well.

#2 He Holds A Record As Well.

The Russians even tricked by sending him to death bead by bomb but he survived though one of the bomb got stuck in the jaw area injuring half of his face. He was hospitalized and was in coma and woke up to the news of the war being called off

Total number of sniper killed by this White Death's riffle is 505, the highest number till date.

His nickname is by far the most uncommon one I've ever come across, continue reading to know the history behind his another name.

#1 The White Death.

#1 The White Death.

Simo always covered his face with snow during the wars. He was a back biter and had wrecked lives of Russian soldiers. The moment his truth was in front if the troop, he was renamed as The White Death. The soldiers had sent their men to put his life to an end but they had to return back back empty handed.

They even tried by to kill Simo by sending counter sniper but none could stand against Simo.

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