Man Hiding Under Car Grabs Dying Orlando Victim and Says 'I Don't Know If You're Religious Or Not, But..'

'I felt God put me at the club and made me stay behind.'

#3 A Celestial Being !

#3 A Celestial Being !

Of late, when Orlando was devastated by a massive soreness, there were some great souls who knowingly, unknowingly made their existence worth. The deeds acted by them could only be done by archangels. One of them was Joshua McGill.

#2 "I think I got shot", the victim said


Joshua was hiding under a car when he heard a voice "Can you help me ? I think I got shot." Reaching to him without giving a second thought he said, 'I got you'.

Rodney was shot in the both arms and back as well. Joshua was told by the officer to not let the victim lose his conscious and just so to keep him awake he asked about him, the victim holding back his strength mumbled "My name is Rodney. I'm from Jacksonville".

What Joshua did next to relieve this victim is a proof that humanity exists till today..Read ahead to find out

#1 Not all the stories ended in tragedy

#1 Not all the stories ended in tragedy

Worried about this fellow bathing in blood, Josh said "I don't know if you're religious or not, but I'll say a prayer with you.' Josh had tied both of their shirts against the wound. They were taken to the nearest nursing home. Josh posted on a social media regarding this terrifying incident asking if anyone knows Rodney, giving away his prayers to him he was curious to know if Rodney was OK.

As this incident was like a silver lining in that dark night, people all across appreciated McGill's bravery and the near ones of Rodney insured that he was in a better condition.

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