Horse Starts Trotting, But Watch When The Music Changes- 16 Million People Jaws Dropped!


The 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games which were held in Aachen, Germany were spectacular in every sense. Organised by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, this was the fifth edition of the games which happens once in every four years!

The individual freestyle dressage competition which was a part of WEG that left everybody stunned with their participants!

Among those, one of the most spectacular performances was from Andreas Helgstrand and his horse. Truly speaking, even he would not have expected the kind of reaction that the audience showered upon him

The performance of the 9-yr-old horse was indeed breathtaking in every sense.

Blue Hors Matine, the graceful horse, treated the audience with her breathtaking performance so dearly that a total of 20 million people stopped everything they were doing to watch her

Even the commentator was so surprised with her performance. As she entered the field with her groovy steps, she has already put the benchmark for every other participant so high! Go ahead and check out the amazing performance.

She entered the field with her groovy steps and then dances to the tune in the most spectacular way. Clearly, even the commentator was in awe of her performance and the reaction of the audience is worth a watch

Go ahead and check out the video!

Here's the awesome video! We bet it would make you glued to the screen!

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