He Mixed 2 Ingredients And Put Them On His Teeth, What It Does? I'm Trying This!

This is magic!

#3 Simply Amazing

#3 Simply Amazing

This is simply amazing. I'm sure you gonna try this after reading!

Two and two makes up four but sometime two and two can make up for your perfect smile. This man mixed two simple ingredients and applied to his teeth and the result left me amazed.

#2 Such Hacks

#2 Such Hacks

There are so many of us who does not smile in a photograph because they are afraid that their yellow teeth will capture more attention than their face. So we run after our dentist and pay them hefty amounts to whiten our teeth but are still unsatisfied with the result. Our ancestors knew some tricks that can provide remedy to the most incurable problems. And he used one of their tricks.

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#1 Trick Unleashed!

He simply mixed coconut oil and turmeric and added some peppermint to give a good smell and rubbed it in his teeth and managed to get the 10 on 10 white teeth. This simple home remedy is efficient in not just whitening the teeth but is a great cure for our gum problems as well. No wonder he smiles and shows off his white teeth in the whole video and I will do the same after I try this remedy out.

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