He Heard A Noise Seconds Before This Junk Was Chopped Up, Saving A Little Life!

An adorable kitten that was thrown into the garbage nearly died, but this man saved her.

#3 The Scene

#3 The Scene

In today's world, human encroachment on wildlife habitat has shot up incrementally. Moreover, the world, the walls that we have built around us for our own comfort are only suited for life of our own species. In such a scenario, animals often end up in unlikely places. Leopards in suburban neighborhoods, dogs in sewers, snakes in parks and this list goes on. Check out what these men pulled out of a pit. You will be apalled.

Another activity characteristic of the modern world is waste management. The human population generates a formidable amount of waste evryday. The average person generates about 4.3 pounds of solid waste everyday. Multiply that with 7.3 billion - the current world population and you know we need a waste processing system if we are to sustain. When you combine these two aspects into one, what you get is one hell of an interesting story. Read on to know more.

#2 The Scene

#2 The Scene

Modern waste recycling process involves the garbage going through a lot of violent procedures. Spinning metal blades, compactors and the likes of it are just a few examples. What happens when you throw the most unexpected - a kitten in there? You must imagine there was a lot of blood. An adorable kitten that was thrown into the garbage ended up at a waste management center in Galt, Calif. While sorting through the trash, an employee noticed the kitten on the conveyor belt and saved her before she went any further. It must certainly have topped their list of unusual days at the job. We have a video of the incident. Read on.

#1 The Video

Here it is. Barely the size of his palm, this adorable lttle kitty was found at the waste segregation conveyor belt. "Next stop - metal blades and a compactor" he said but fortunately, he saved her in just the nick of time. Enjoy the video.

It is a despicable act to throw such a cute kitten into the garbage. Regardless, you can sleep in peace tonight, knowing that there's one more little ball of cuteness in the world.

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