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#3 Bruce Lee - The Martial Artist

#3 Bruce Lee - The Martial Artist

Martial Arts, Kung Fu and dragons are the three things we often associate with the legendary Bruce Lee who's known all over the world for his agility! One of the most famous of his fights was the iconic fight with Chuck Norris. Remember that knock out punch! His fights used to be all about perfection and patience! He was an incredible craftsman who made a certain amount of changes in the Martial Arts which are being followed ever since. His incredible acceleration during the fights is unmatched even till today.

But do you know how he died?

#2 The Rumors

#2 The Rumors

While everything else was going on in a perfect manner, something extremely unexpected happened! The world's greatest fighter was found to be mysteriously dead at the young age of 32. A large section of people believed Lee was murdered by a secretive Chinese organization 'Triad' for unknown reasons. But the reason was something different!

Read on to know the real reason for his death.

#1 The Real Reason

#1 The Real Reason

The actual cause of his death was Cerebral Edema. Lee had been suffering from this disease long enough, this disease causes swelling in the brain which results in difficulty in breathing and is also responsible for unusual behaviour. Lee used to faint on the sets of the movies because of this.

Ironically, on the day of his death, Lee met a producer to sign his next film, the Game of death. As the meeting got over, his experienced a severe headache, hence his fellow actress, Betty Ting Pei, gave him an analgesic medicine which was a combination of two drugs - Aspirin and Meprobamate.

Later that evening he was supposed to have dinner with actor George Lazenby (James Bond fame) with an intention to make a film. When he did not get up for dinner, a doctor was called who took him to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he was declared dead.

His postmortem reports stated that Aspirin and Meprobamate had an allergic reaction and his brain's size had increased by 13%. Certainly, the world lost this legend way too soon!

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