Doctors Just Removed 360 Of These From A Single Woman

This woman had been suffering.

Mousumi Dam, 49, of West Bengal, was suffering from severe abdominal pain and acid reflux for months. When she finally got the medical consultation, the doctors were shocked to see her reports.

She was suffering from jaundice last month, but the tests revealed something shocking relating to her gall bladder.

Seeing her condition and the rarity of such cases, Dam was referred to the Institute of Post Graduation Medical Education and Research Institute in Kolkata.And this is what they found in her gall bladded

Dr. Makhan Lal Sasha, 59, who performed surgery on Dam said “This is the first time in the medical history of West Bengal that anyone has had a surgery to do this. He also said Dam’s case was so severe that her gall bladder had to be removed during the operation.

Doctors removed 360 stones from her gall bladder while performing an hour long surgery.

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