A Representation Of The World's Spoken Languages In One Amazing Picture!

It all makes so much sense!!! And look at that diversity!

#3 One World

#3 One World

We all live under the same sky, on the same planet. Yet none of us are ever really the same.

Even if it comes down to that one itty-bitty gene, all of us are very different.

But these differences are what binds us together. What better example of this than the languages we speak?

There are over 7,102 languages in the world. So how exactly does this "similarity" binding work? Read on to know more!

#2 The languages we speak

#2 The languages we speak

There might be over 7,102 known languages around the world right now but only 23 out of these 7,102 languages are native languages of people in the world.

So, if there are about 50 million people and they happen to speak one of these 23 languages.... that's still huge!

Want to understand how our 'languages' are so different and similar at the same time?

#1 This picture is your ultimate guide to understanding the world's languages!

#1 This picture is your ultimate guide to understanding the world's languages!

Alberto Lucas Lopez for the South China Morning Post creayed this infographic image as an easy way to wrap your head around the languages spoken by the 4.1 billion people in the world.

It gives a clear representation of which language is the native tongue of which country, where the language originated and more information as such.

It's sort of like the entire language encyclopedia condensed into this one image.

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