10 Celebrities That Looked Completely Different Before They Became Famous

They didn't wake up looking that gorgeous!

The co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington At the mere age of 13, he wrote his first computer program. He's still the richest man ever!

Rihana, the topmost selling artist of all times began her singing career at the age of seven! She has worked really hard to reach that level!

Britney Spears tried her luck at acting before finally moving into the field of singing. She is also one of the top-selling artists with over 100 million records sold.

Eminem, who is now considered the king of Hip Hop actually grew in an unstable home in Detroit, Michigan! He has come a long way now

Beyonce was born in Texas, Dallas. She rose to the peak of her career when she was featured as the lead singer in Destiny's child during the late 90s! Since then, her charm never failed to entice her audience

Brad Pitt pursued majors in journalism at the University of Missouri before he finally quit it to pursue his long-time interest, acting!

Justin Timberlake began his career from Star Search followed by the Mickey Mouse Club before he became a lead vocalist and youngest member of NSync

Madonna having been born in the Bay city, Michigan moved to NYC to pursue her career in dancing. Soon she realized her potential in music and hence, headed on to become one of the top-selling musicians of all times

Manson is a single child to his parents Barbara and Hugh! He was born in Ohio. Famous for his band Marilyn Manson, he has received two platinum and three gold for his spectacular performances!

Lady Gaga was a stage actress before she established herself as one of the top-selling musicians of all time! Akon also helped her in her journey to the top!

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