13 Astonishing Mysteries That Science Just Can’t Explain

When we are searching for an answer to a question or problem. Although science seems to have the answer for everything, there do remain a few things (or mysteries) in this world that science simply cannot explain.Here are 10 surprising mysteries that science just can’t explain.

Whoever owns a cat knows that when a cat purrs, it means that they’re content and comfortable…or so we think.

Whoever owns a cat knows that when a cat purrs, it means that they’re content and comfortable…or so we think.

Scientists have not yet confirmed how or why cats purr, but they have suggested that the purring vibration starts in the vocal chords and can possibly accelerate the healing process for cats while minimizing pain at the same time.

In 2008, scientists collected data from Google Earth which showed that cows position is in a north-south direction when eating. The theory they came up with is that cows align themselves along magnetic fields when grazing, but they have no idea why.

Finally, the study was also conducted which confirmed the conclusion: that a majority of cows align in the north-south direction when eating. Scientists to this day do not have an explanation for this mysterious phenomenon.

Gelatinous Rain Fell

Gelatinous Rain Fell

In August 1994, chunks of colorless gelatinous rain fell over the city of Oakville, Washington. The strange substance was jelly-like and felt spongy to touch.

Some residents of the town began to exhibit symptoms of nausea and dizziness. Scientists determined that the blobs consisted of two types of bacteria.
One of which came from the human digestive system, this day is unable to determine what the blobs were exactly.

What is dark matter exactly?

What is dark matter exactly?

The earth is made of this mysterious invisible substance, but that is just about all scientists can tell us about it.

Dark matter is accepted by most scientists, there still remains a lack of conclusive evidence of dark matter, which is why it is considered such a mystery.

How many planets are there, exactly? Pluto was excluded as a planet, people have been debating the answer to this question.

There are now 8 planets (excluding Pluto)

What’s the deal with left-handed people, is it genetic?

   What’s the deal with left-handed people, is it genetic?

Scientists say that left-handed people and right-handed people can be influenced by the environment they grow up in, there is no scientific proof as to why some people are left- or right-handed.

Scientists say that genes may play a part in it, but have confirmed that there is no specific “left-handed” or “right-handed” gene.

Megafauna were huge animals that disappeared over 10,000 years ago. Scientists are unable to think about it what exactly caused the extinction of these massive animals.

Some theories say that megafauna became extinct due to environmental or even ecological factors.

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