This Mother-Daughter Resemblance Is Amazing.

It's been a decade since model and actress Anna Nicole Smith's tragic and untimely death. The Playboy model died at the age of 39 from an accidental prescription drug overdose in a hotel room in Florida in February 2009. a few months before she passed, Anna gave birth to a baby girl.

Anna Nicole Smith, the famous Playboy Model, who died a decade ago is back in news because of this adorable appearance made by her daughter.

It was a decade ago in February 2007, Anna was found dead in a hotel room in Florida. An accidental prescription overdose of a drug caused Anna her life.

However, a few months before her unfortunate death, she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Dannielynn.

The newborn was caught in a custody battle since it was not clear who the father was.

The newborn was caught in a custody battle since it was not clear who the father is.

Later, the DNA tests proved that Larry Birkhead, former partner of Anna, was indeed the father of Dannielynn.

Dannielynn, 10 now is kept away from the prying eyes of shutterbugs by her protective dad. But they make it a point to attend this event every year- The Kentucky Derby.

Go ahead, read the entire story.

Larry tells how the process of raising a child is great but it's a lot of work.

They made an appearance at the event in coordinated outfits. All present at the event were amazed at the striking resemblance she holds to her late mother.

The duo also marked their presence at the Barnstable Brown Kentucky Derby Gala. Larry took to twitter and shared this picture of them at the event.

Isn't she one beautiful pre-teen? Looking forward to more appearances and aww-inspiring pictures of this adorable duo.

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