Old Is Gold: Couple’s unique dance number is like nothing you’ve seen before

They are seriously giving out some major couple dancing goals!

Don't Judge Too Quickly

Don't Judge Too Quickly

No matter how many times it's said out in open but we hold back our prejudices against people! Though Sam West is quite older to his dancing partner, nevertheless he is flawless when it comes to dancing! This performance by them at the Grand Nationals Carolina Classic dance competition.

Don't miss their performance in the video ahead!

Grand Nationals Carolina Classic dance competition.

Grand Nationals Carolina Classic dance competition.

When they entered this competition, they knew they will have to practice a lot more than other people to get their steps and coordination correct. So, they did it with all their might and the result is JAW DROPPING!

It only got better as they danced energetically to Jerry Lee Lewis’s ”Pink Cadillac”.

Here's Their Terrific Performance

With their incredible dancing steps, agility, coordination and energy, they are surely giving us all some major couple dancing goals! Tag your partner on the post and learn a few steps from them!

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