A Boy Writes A Letter For His Mother About Missing The Bus And The Letter Goes Viral

A little boy pens about missing his buss and writes a letter to his mother and informs that he could not get into buss and he is safe at home and she does not have to worry about him.

The Letter

A little boy missed his buss and he wrote a sweet letter to his mother after missing his buss, his letter was cute and naughty which would make many people smile.

Missing Buss

Missing Buss

The boy wrote that he missed his buss and he is safely sleeping at home so her mother doesn't have to worry about him and he also wrote he is probably mopping about the fact that will not go to the school and so he must not be interrupted and also this can become his habit so she can call and tell the school people that he has got polio.

Bradly Forgot About The Note

Bradly Forgot About The Note

Bradly said she completely forgot about the note untill her daughter reminded her about it and she tweeted about the letter and everybdy who kept wondering that after raeding this letter did she let him rest or told him to go to the school.

Mother's Reply

Mother answered about the question by saying that, “Of course I did how could to make him go to school after that! I, however, didn’t tell them he had polio.”

Actor's Favourite

It wsa again retweeted by the actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and said that his personal favourite is “I’m probably in my bed moping about the fact that I can’t go to school, so please don’t interrupt me.”

The Smart Kid

The kid is not just smart but also cute, his smartness in such tender age can easily prove that he can become a good lawyer in future.

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