This Giant Rose Isn't Only Beautiful But Also Hides A Secret Beneath The Petals. Check Out!

Sexy yet sweetest rose ever!

#3 As Gracious As It Could Get.

#3 As Gracious As It Could Get.

Roses have always been that one thing every girl wishes for. No matter how bad her mood is, how mad she is at you, how low she is on life, the first and foremost thing that strikes your mind and which also indeed works every single time is a pretty blooming rose. These delicate petals surely does wonders.

We've got another beauteous flower, as bigger as it could get, just for your loved ones. Not just this, the beauty beholds a suspense which is revealed ahead.

#2 This Rose Tastes Amazing Too!

#2 This Rose Tastes Amazing Too!

Yes, this amazing piece is a cake made out of modelling chocolate and cake base. This may look tedious but trust me it's damn easy. All you need is two cake bases, modelling chocolate of pink and green colour, butter icing.

Cut the cakes into halves, fill in the buttercream icing, stack the layers one after another. And refrigerate it for a couple of hours.

Scroll over to find the rest of the procedure along with the video.

#1 The Tutorial.

Next comes the rose making process with modelling chocolate. It's all the way same as gum paste or fondant. The only difference is the taste. After the buttercream frosting is done, roll out pink modelling chocolate and take out a circle out of it, cut into a semi circle and paste it over cake. This forms your petals. As you proceed, make the semi circles bigger.

The entire procedure is briefly showcased in a video below. Watch it! Make it! Rock it! Let you loved ones drool over this fine piece of sweetness.

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