11 Designers Who Thought About Women’s Comfort and Won A Million Thanks

Some designers went out of the box and achieved some unexpected designs like home robots, and smartphones were designed to make our lives easier. There are things of a smaller scale, but no less demanded and necessary in female everyday life. So when designers fix this girl beauty issues, women are ready to thank that inventor forever.

1. Glue-free magnetic lashes prevent any damage to your natural eyelashes and can be used again and again.

2.A hairbrush with a secret compartment to hide your valuables!

3.A compact brush color removal sponge

4.Shopping cart with a calculator

5.An infinity scarf with a hidden zipper pocket

6.A facial shield that allows recent facial surgery or makeup to be fully protected from water or soap

7.This inclined nail polish bottle stand keeps the bottle steady, preventing spills and helping you reach every last drop.

8.A portable humidifier, that you can attach to a water bottle

9.Solid spots on sidewalk grates for ladies in heels

10.Japanese toilet baby holder

11.A pillow, that prevents facial wrinkles

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