The Truth Behind Why Hollywood Won't Cast Christina Ricci Anymore

You will definitely not like some of what you are about to read.

#5 Child Star

#5 Child Star

Let's face it, from the very first time we saw her snap her fingers to the Addams family theme song, we knew Christina Ricci was a star. She played Wednesday Addams so well that we were left thinking if it was acting at all!

Christina was just nine years old when she got cast in her first feature film,'Mermaids' where she stole the show from fellow co-stars. She snagged the role of Wednesday Addams soon after, solidifying her standing as a prominent Hollywood child actor.

But like most child actors, it was this very success that became a hurdle when Christina Ricci grew up. Most people still saw her as a little girl or as Wednesday Addams.

#4 Lacking

#4 Lacking

Try as much as she can, Christina admits that she lacks A-list stature or more simply the physical requirements to become an A-list actor. She's five-one and her biggest disadvantage as she said in an interview in 2007, "I'm five-one first thing in the morning, and I tend to look really small on camera. I can probably go as far as Holly Hunter went, then I think that's going to be it. I have a feeling I am way too small."

And the other factor is because she doesn't seem to age. Even though she is in her mid-thirties right now, she needs to put effort to look her age.

#3 Gritty Roles Overload

#3 Gritty Roles Overload

Much like many child actors who get involved in scandals in a desperate bid to break out of their family-friendly images, Christina faced a similar challenge. In trying to establish herself as a grown-up actress she took on numerous gritty roles in movies like The Opposite of Sex, 200 Cigarettes, Buffalo 66 and many others. But that was too much gritty all at once.

There were roles though she played to perfection, like the role of Selby, the girlfriend of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, in the terrifying biopic Monster. Sadly, her role went widely unnoticed in the brightness of Charlize Theron's stellar performance.

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#2 Gone Confidence

#2 Gone Confidence

In trying to find a niche, Ricci took on numerous roles. Ranging all the way from period romance to gross-out comedy. But she never found the spark to stick to anything.

And like all Hollywood actresses, Ricci was insecure about her appearance and body image leading to disordered eating and weight fluctuations in the mid-2000's. "I know that had I been thinner at the time my indie movies were hitting, I could've been in a much better position in my career," she lamented. She confesses that she has to work harder than other actresses to get on the radar of casting directors as well.

#1 Struggles

Christina Ricci has struggled a lot. But all her efforts seems to be paying off because she has been on fire recently! She says,"I've always sort of trusted my instincts, and if you do the things you naturally gravitate toward, there's going to be a through line through your career. And all your choices are going to reflect who you are, and your taste."

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