You have to wonder what effect this will have on Matthew McConaughey's career.

#3 Matthew David McConaughey

#3 Matthew David McConaughey

An American actor, director, producer, and writer, Matthew David McConaughey needs no introduction. However, you'll have to wonder how would the speech that he gave after winning an Oscar will affect his career

Not everyone knows, but Hollywood has maintained a safe distance from anyone who reveres God and is deeply a conservative by heart!

#2 Honoring God

#2 Honoring God

Amidst this, Matthew McConaughey, who is well known for his southern charm, remarkable acting skills, thanked God and said that his blessings in his life have come from the Almighty in his address speech after winning the Oscar.

Furthermore, during an interview with GQ, he discussed his views on marriage, and certainly, his conservative views on the holy matrimony have not been appreciated by many left-oriented people.

In the contemporary times, we see only a few actors speaking openly about the sanctity of marriage or blessings of God, hence coming out and speaking about all this is surely a courageous thing to do. But it makes us wonder how it would affect the actor's career!

Go ahead to check out his speech at the Academy Awards.

#1 Here's the video

Here's Matthew McConaughey's winning speech after being honored with an Oscar for best actor.

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