Eight Times Cameras Caught Kate Middleton Off Guard

Here are top eight different expressions of Kate Middleton, whether she's in a winter coat or summer dress everything looks so cool on her, but being in the public eye for so long can get tiring.

Kate embarked on her first solo trip abroad since becoming royalty, paying a visit on Tuesday to the Kingdom of the Netherlands before heading off to an art exhibition.

Kate was caught staring with some unusual expression on her face; this expression may be because of some funny jokes or some funny costume.

Kate tried out a flight simulator, chatted to cadets and took part in team-building exercises at RAF wittering near Peterborough. It looks like Kate is happy.

Kate repeated another favourite today, bringing back in her red Ami coat supporting Red Dragons which is wales rugby team.

Kate's expression clearly tells that her team is not performing well.

The Duke and Duchess were at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to watch the match against New Zealand’s All Blacks team.

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The Duchess, who is busy wrapping a gift, is seen being tapped on the shoulder by a well-wisher. This is all about Kate’s incredible side eye at New Yorker.

Princes William and Harry, dressed to the nines in their suits arrive at the Epsom Derby, with Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge at their side. Always the joker, Harry performs one of his silly walks but everyone knows that kate was bored.

A natural brow is a big part of Kate’s signature beauty routine, and really a staple in any classic beauty look. Kate’s brows are neat, but not overly manicured, and work well with the shape of her face but here kate is actually shocked.

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Here Kate is managing her kids while she was wearing heels (somehow uncomfortable), although she handles it very carefully.

Weird expression of Kate when she realises that she is not going to get a good seat in a movie hall because all the good seats were already taken.

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