Chyna And Tyga Are Back Together... Did They Pull Of The Scam Of The Century...

Are Blac Chyna and Tyga getting back together?

Chyna and her baby’s father Tyga are BACK TOGETHER, bringing a twist to the story. Last night, the famous couple was spotted together at LIV in Miami. A shocking video of both comfortable together in the day has covered the internet and is going viral.

It will kind of make you wonder that could Tyga and Chyna be PLANNING TO FINESSE the Kardashians from Day One?

"Blac Chyna could absolutely get back together with Tyga. Returning to the father of her first child would be highly unlikely, but Blac does have a soft spot for Tyga.”

It’s not what we are perceiving but it is what the Miami footage reveals that these people are having a great time together.

In the video, you will find that both are dancing in the same party but in different areas. Blac Chyna is seen dancing on the balcony whereas Tyga is shaking her body to the DJ’ beat on the dance floor.

I hope now you’re not thinking that they still are far apart from each other as both Tyga and Chyna are present in the same place that too at the same time.This surely isn’t any coincidence.

Read on to know more…

Fans immediately freaked out when they spotted them together sharing it via Tweet, though they were still in doubt if they are back together.

"I don't think Chyna would ever take him back. Chyna is a totally different person from when she was dating Tyga,"

Check out this footage as the couple enjoy in Miami.

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