14 Young Pictures of Great Leaders Around The World

We've covered the young presidents of USA already, but lets broaden the scope now and take a rare glimpse at the leaders from around the world before they became the almighty God-like-figures.

This world is best known by its great leaders and dictators in the past, who have ruled or built different nations on their own. Here, you will witness the young version of such God-like figures in the pictures.

For example, this rare picture is of Soviet Union’s great leader Joseph Stalin. This black and white picture was taken in the year 1902.

Who can forget the coolest 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton? He served the post of the presidentship from 1993 to 2001. The majority of people remember this leader with his white hairs and smiling face. But, this picture tells a younger version of the ex-president of the USA.

In this image, Bill Clinton can be seen shaking the hands of then President John F Kennedy in the Rose Garden of the White House on July 24, 1963.

This lady right here in the picture is not an extraordinary person, but the all-powerful Princess Elizabeth of England during her early 18. During this period, Queen Elizabeth was a part of the Auxiliary Territorial Service during WWII.

Everyone knows the all-powerful Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, who held the post from 2008 to 2012. This is the younger version of the great leader during 1966.

The list of most influential leaders does not end here.

Who can forget the first ever African-American President of the United States i.e. Barack Obama, who is best known for his simplicity and generosity? In this old picture, this simple leader can be seen smoking a joint.

The 35th President of the United States i.e. John F. Kennedy also comes under the list of one of the powerful world leaders. Here, is the young 10 years old John F. Kennedy in the picture.

This one right here is the young picture of the now President of the United States, Donald Trump. The picture was actually taken when Trump was in the Military Academy.

The name of Nelson Mandela needs no introduction who was a South African anti-Apartheid revolutionary and a well-known politician. In this picture, one can see the young politician in the year 1961.

Young picture of the great dictator like Adolf Hitler is also on the list ahead.

The list contains one of the most controversial figures in the history i.e. Adolf Hitler, who was a German politician and the leader of the Nazi Party.

The leader of the United States, who is considered as the most powerful in the America’s history is this young George W Bush in the picture who can be seen in a baseball gear.

The Supreme leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea i.e. Kim Jong-il can be seen in a cute persona in this old picture of 1945. Kim Jong-il in this picture is with his father Kim Il-Sung and his mother Kim Jong-Suk.

The all famous Buddhist Monk Dalai Lama, who is now 81 years old looks quite attractive and young in this picture.

Two more pictures of influential leaders of the world are down below.

The Father of the Nation of India Mahatma Gandhi can be hardly recognised in this old 1887 picture.

One of the most dangerous figures in the list is Former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.

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