You've Been Peeling Potatoes Wrong. THIS Is The Only Way You Should Ever Peel A Potato!

I will definitely try this!

#3 We Hacked Potatoes For You

#3 We Hacked Potatoes For You

Peeling a potato can be a terribly annoying chore. But for some reason all of our friends and family seem to love eating potatoes. And we seem to be the ones stuck with the messy and slippery job of cleaning them. We say no more! Thanks to this life hacker Dave Hax you now have an easy and non-messy way of cleaning potatoes.

This is probably the best hack I have heard of, with a tiny 1 minute video it gets straight to the point and makes our lives much easier. Watch the video and explanation on the next page.

#2 What You Need To Do

#2 What You Need To Do

The trick is pretty simple, as Hax explains it in his video. Cut a horizontal line around each potato, making sure not to cut deeper than the skin.After the potatoes are sliced, simply put them in a pan. Place the pan on a stove, fill it with boiling water and leave the potatoes to cook.

Once the potatoes are done cooking, pour the liquid out using a strainer to catch the potatoes. Have a second pan under the strainer to catch the hot water, which you'll need later. Put the potatoes back into the first pan.Cool the potatoes by running cold water over them. What next? Well there is only one step to go. And it is the easiest! Just go to the next page to find out.

#1 The Video

There is nothing that I hate more than peeling potatoes. It's so time consuming, and it without fail gets me into a bad mood. But changes EVERYTHING! Watch it.

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