You Shouldn't Reach For That $100 Bill On Your Windshield, BEWARE: IT COULD BE A SCAM

Imagine you are out doing Christmas shopping when you get in your car and see someone has left a $100 bill on your windshield. Seems like a Christmas gift from Santa, right? Below are the few things that can clear all thoughts that are coming in your mind.

Last Sunday before Christmas Eve Kyri Viehman and her son went shopping for decorations for Kyri’s first family Christmas party at the Gravois Bluffs shopping center. She suddenly noticed a $100 on her windshield wiper.

She wants to get out of the car and grab that surprise gift, if she tries to get out of the car then that can create some dangerous situation for her.

After she noticed the bill that was fake she realizes that what is going on there, the $100 note was fake with a notice that “You thought this was real, didn’t you?”

But what did she do? Read on to know..

When she tries to get out of the car and until she realizes that the bill was fake, someone can slide her down and drove her car because her car door was open and keys were also inside the car.

It’s just a matter of second when you get out of your car due to that fake note and some carjacker will hurt you and takes your expensive car with you.

Everyone should be little more careful when they see something like this, this is a scam which can harm you and this type of incidents are increasing day by day with new tactics.

Read on to know what happened to Kyri.

Kyri uses her smartness and didn’t go out of the car to see the fake note, she just drove away from that place so that she can keep her baby son safe. After this incident, all authorities are spreading this news so that no one can fall into this trap.

Kyri is safe because she didn’t notice that fake money even when she left the parking; this saves the life of her baby son too. If her car has been carjacked then she might lose her baby son forever.

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