You See This Ring On A Woman's Finger, This Is What It Will Tell You

And it's not just a bling.

#5 Meet Ekaterina Romanovskaya From Russia

#5 Meet Ekaterina Romanovskaya From Russia

As a woman, it becomes a daily affair- the heckling, lewd stares and catcalling. But what do you do when when something like that morphs into life endangering situation?

That what Ekaterina Romanovskaya or Katya for short had to go through.

Katya shared her story on Facebook. Of an attack that changed everything for her.

Katya was attacked in broad daylight by a man whose advances she had curbed earlier but the second time around pulled a knife on her. Katya says," He slit my throat, cut open my stomach, and wanted to conclude this process of getting to know me by putting the blade through my heart. But each time he tried, my ribs and other bones got in the way."

#4 How did she survive?

#4 How did she survive?

Katya was overpowered. Torn between trying to save herself and defending further attacks from the man. Her situation was getting worse by the second. She probably wouldn't have made it, had not a neighbor heard her cries for help and responded.

Katya remembers everything. From the attack to her being taken to the hospital.

The whole ordeal changed who she was. It changed her life as she knew it. She often wonders,What kind of person would be inhabiting this body of mine if I hadn't gotten these scars.

Katya considers herself lucky to have received the support of everyone around her.

#3 To protect others like herself.

#3 To protect others like herself.

Katya says the attack left in its wake, a person very different from the one before it. And the struggle between the before and after was the hardest and terrifying of all.

So, she got to thinking how to stop someone suffer the same fate as her.

Katya came up with the concept of something that would be technologically innovative and yet elegantly simple. Quite simple a game changer in women safety.

And that's why she co-founded Nimb.

Katya describes it-"Nimb is a movement towards safer environments, where people combine efforts to help someone in trouble, whether they are authorized officials, close ones, sympathetic neighbors or just passersby."

#2 Simple, Elegant, Portable. Overall effective.

#2 Simple, Elegant, Portable. Overall effective.

Is the main mantra behind Nimb. This ring fits snugly onto your ring finger. With a panic button on the side. One discreet push of the button and all your preset emergency contacts get an alert.

The ring even slightly vibrates as an acknowledgement of the alerts being set.But the main question that arises now is how much does this safety ring cost? Check it out ahead..

#1 A revolutionary idea

#1 A revolutionary idea

An idea that can change women safety as we know it, if made affordable at a reasonable price. The ring is connected to your phone via an app.

Not just that, the app has a general setting where anyone with the app will receive an alert and is made aware

An invention that would make anyone who wears it, feel a bit more safe and secure.

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