With AA Batteries And Wires, He Creates This Cool Trick! Fun!

This is an amazing trick that all of us can perform ourselves. Take a look...

#3 A Simple Trick

#3 A Simple Trick

This guy just turned science and the use of magnetic forces the best thing to do when one is really free and bored. Not only will you be learning stuff but you will also end up having fun. The trick is simple and there are only three things required.

It doesn’t take much – just a battery, a magnet, and some copper wire. That’s all he needed to create this awesome, fun trick. And the best thing is that this trick is very easy to perform.

#2 Simple Steps

#2 Simple Steps

The first and only major step is to remove the wire’s insulation and bend it in a specific style just so you make sure the circuit will be completed when connected with the AA battery on both sides.

The battery is attached to the magnet and the wire is placed on top of it and there you have a simple, cool AA battery powered motor. You need to checkout the video because this looks unbelievably amazing when you watch it!

Keep reading ahead to see the video.

#1 The Video

As soon as you'll see the video, you will understand why we were harping about this trick so much since such a long period of time. We told you that you will love this and trust me, I know you will.

Here's the video!

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