Wifi Passwords Of Over 130 Airports Right Here. Take A Look...

Now we know the WiFi passwords of most of the Airports around the world. Check it out...

#3 A Night At An Airport

#3 A Night At An Airport

Waiting on an airport for longer period of time is nothing new. Flights often get delayed and you are forced to spend some extra time on the airport all alone.

In such circumstances, Internet is your best friend. But not every time you are at an airport will you get an access of WiFi around. Password becomes the biggest problem most of the times you see.

#2 Interactive Map

#2 Interactive Map

To solve this problem of WiFi passwords at Airport, a computer security engineer Anil Polat created an interactive map with all WiFi passwords of airport networks across the globe.

Interesting, right? The best part here is that this map with all the passwords is regularly updated so no worries on that aspect.

Checkout the map with all the passwords ahead.

#1 The Map With Passwords

Using this map is as simple as eating a cheese cake. Just click on an airport. Then take the information and use it at the airport of your choosing.

The downloadable offline version of this list is also available for you. Checkout the online Map here. Take a look...

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