Wife Can't Stop Laughing As Husband Tries To Describe A Bad Smelling Woman At The Store

The expressions of this guy while describing the woman with bad body odor is priceless. Take a look...

#4 A Good Family

#4 A Good Family

The best family in the world is the one that sits together, eats together and laugh together at least once a day. This family is one of them. I don't know about rest of the things but they at least laugh together.

This man goes out to the store for shopping. There, he encounters a woman with a very bad body odor.

#3 The Incident

#3 The Incident

The old man had a very hard time at the store. He tried staying away from that woman as much as he can. He get's home and tells his wife about the entire incident.

Just out of curiosity, the wife asks more about the smell. The way this man describes the smell is hilarious. His expressions are amazing.

Checkout the video ahead.

#2 The Wife

#2 The Wife

When pressed by his wife Darcy Cimarello, her husband can only bring up thoughts of vomiting to describe the horrid stench. His eyes are closed and he looks disgustingly funny.

His wife just cannot control her laughter and can't help herself from asking him about that smell again and again.

#1 The Video

Each time the man has a flashback of the smell, he can't help but express himself in vomit-like fashion! Someone is right, Old is indeed nothing less than Gold.

Checkout the video here and get ready to laugh your lungs out.

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