Why Do Airline Seats Be In An Upright Position During Takeoff?

Read it, unless you want to keep wondering!

#3 The Airline Seats

#3 The Airline Seats

Have you ever wondered why the airline seats are always in an upright position during takeoff?! Well, it has an interesting science behind it.

Aeroplanes are designed to perfection using different mechanisms that provide complete safety to the passengers. Here, we're going to explain the science behind the seats!

#2 The Safety Issue

#2 The Safety Issue

Since takeoff and landing are two of the potential times for the aeroplane when it can face any technical issues, the seats are kept in an upright position so that maximum safety can be ensured!

But there's more to it than safety. Also, it has different purpose while emergency takeoff and landing. Read ahead to know about it!

#1 Emergency Provisions

#1 Emergency Provisions

Providing an insight about it, a flight attendant in Mesa Airlines explains that during an emergency an unlocked seat suffers more thrust and force which can cause injury to the patient. Hence, during emergency the seats are kept in an upright position so that it can remain locked up!

Moreover, it creates ample amount of space for the passengers to move! Furthermore, the science behind keeping the seats in an upright position is clearly explained in this picture. When the seat is up, the weight of the body goes into the lower back which provides the best recline when the seat is in upright position!

So, follow all the instructions properly to have a safe journey!

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