Who Needs Coffins When You Have Organic Burial Pods...

You don't need coffins to bury your loved ones anymore. Checkout it's substitute...

#3 Capsula Mundi Project

#3 Capsula Mundi Project

You know shit just got real when you have eco-friendly ideas to bury the dead. Using Coffins to bury people was so Last summer! Now we have something new and nature friendly.

The new burial method is actually a part of Capsula Mundi Project. Now what is this project? Checkout ahead.

#2 Originated In Italy

#2 Originated In Italy

This unique burial method called The Capsula Mundi project is originated in Italy by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel.

The makers of this project claim that if buried this way, the body will eventually turn into a tree. Yes, No kidding!

Keep reading ahead to see how this will happen.

#1 The Video

#1 The Video

The designers created an organic, biodegradable pods that actually transforms the body of the deceased into a tree. As this occurs, the body would turn into nutrients for the tree that would allow it to grow. Now this is happening for real.

Checkout the video here and see the entire process by yourself.

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