When You Pour Molten Copper Into A Coconut, Crazy Thing Happens

I wasn't expecting this totally!

#3 Drilling A Coconut

#3 Drilling A Coconut

Well, truly, watching things smashing up is totally the new thing that rules the Internet today. And everyone totally likes to watch that stuff! But this one is whole lot different. You surely will not be expecting this!

This guy drills up a coconut first and next he pours molten coconut over it only to witness something astounding. Read till the end to know what happens!

#2 The Molten Copper

#2 The Molten Copper

Pouring molten copper over random objects is this guy's things. I'm sure you'all have seen videos from this guy but what happens with this one is different!

This video is from the YouTube channel Tito4re and this happens to be the best video from the series. It will really be the most soothing things you'll watch on the Internet. Go ahead to watch the video!

#1 The Video

Look at this. This is what happens! Neither was I expecting that this innocent coconut will turn into a fire ball when poured with molten copper!

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