When His Son Asked For A Doll For His Birthday, This Dads Response Is Going Viral

Kudos to this Dad for an epic response!

#3 Because It Was His Son's Birthday.

#3 Because It Was His Son's Birthday.

Like every father,Mikki Willis loves his boys and would anything they ask for at the drop of a hat. He posted a video on YouTube with his birthday boy asking every dad out there that “Now, how do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get this?“ holding a mermaid doll.

The video is going viral for all right reasons! Watch it in the last section to know the reason yourself!

#2 Hell Yeah !

#2 Hell Yeah !

Probably, other daddys might get caught between two stools. They might freak out seeing their kid's demands but this father is way too cool to be judgmental. He agrees to get his son this doll with full enthusiasm. He denies to put his young boy's desire to get this doll on his birthday. Yelling out loud "Yeah" in his car as he gives away his son's gift.

But this isn't all. Look ahead in the adorable son-dad video what this super-awesome dad has to say to one and all out there.

#1 He Take With A Grain Of Salt.

Without giving a damn to what others might feel, he promises to both the boys that no matter what may come, whatever life they choose to live, he will always be there for both of them.

Watch this father's reaction, setting a benchmark for every parents.

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