When A Giant Bully Harasses His Wife, Dude Does What Most People Only Dream Of!

This is a very open ended story. We leave it up to you to decide whether what this guy did is right or wrong.

#4 The Art of Taking Stands

#4 The Art of Taking Stands

We often talk about taking stands for right against wrong. But we never talk about the limits, rights and wrongs while taking stands. The intensity anger and the level of tolerance is important here.

The story that you will read ahead has a very open ended end. You are free to give your own views. Read the complete story and see the video and tell us whether what this man did in the end is right or wrong.

#3 A True Gentleman

#3 A True Gentleman

If you are a gentleman and you see a giant bully harassing your girl, all you want to do is to stand up for your partner and give that bully a taste of his own medicine.

This was precisely the motive of this man who just saw this big bully guy abusing his wife. What he did next is something that all of us want to do but we can't as it'll put us behind the bars.

Take a look...

#2 The Breaking Point

#2 The Breaking Point

While you are trying to protect your girl, she will obviously try to emphasize that this guy is just not worth it. But what if the guy just won't relent and makes it clear that he is targeting your girl? There comes that breaking point.

This is the breaking point that the guy in red cap reached. He just slammed the other guy with something very deadly. Checkout the video yourself.

#1 That Shot

The guy got so angry that he slammed a glass bottle on the head of this bully. Now legally and practically, this is wrong. But emotionally, it isn't that cruel. You are free to take your own stands. Let us know what you think about this move by the guy. Checkout the video below and see how badly he bashed the bottle.

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