What's The Largest Number You Can Represent With 3 digits? Nope. It's Not 999

Yes, technically, any Maths genius would say that it isn't 999. Checkout how...

#3 The Maths Genius

#3 The Maths Genius

How many real life Maths geniuses do you know? Well, you are about to know one. Recently, a guy revealed some funny incidents involving him and his genius daughter. The incidents belonged to her Maths class. This girl once proved that not every triangle needs to form a total of 180 degrees.

All she had to do was stare at the globe in the corner of the classroom. When the teacher said it was "impossible" to have a triangle add up to 270 degrees, she corrected him with an incredible example. If you draw a triangle on globe, each angle being 90 degrees, you can connect the north pole to the equator, the equator line can go 90 degrees around the globe perpendicular to the first one, then north pole can drop a 90 degree line to meet this line at the equator to complete the triangle. Triangles on curves can have more, or less, than 180 degrees, depending on convexity or concavity of the surfaces.

#2 The Favorite Incident

#2 The Favorite Incident

But ask this proud Dad and he'll say that this wasn't his favorite incident. His favorite incident was the one where his daughter proved that the largest number represented by 3 digits isn't 999.

The question was, what was the largest number that can be represented with 3 digits and the teacher said it was 999, the girl disagreed. And believe it or not but her answer was correct.

Keep reading ahead to know her answer...

#1 The Answer

#1 The Answer

Before telling you what she answered, we want you to read the question properly again. The question was, what was the largest number that can be represented with 3 digits? Everyone answered 999.

That's when this girl in her thin kiddish voice said, "Oh yeah? Tell me what 9 raised to the 9th power raised to the 9th power is then??" Technically, The question is asking you to represent a number using 3 digits, so exponentiation cannot be ruled out. And mind you, when this incident happened, she was so small that she actually was in a grade school. GENIUS!

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