We Bet You Will Watch This Crazy Rollercoaster Video A Few Times

This is Breathtaking!!!

#3 Fascination For Danger

#3 Fascination For Danger

As we start growing up, one thing that grows along with us is our fascination for danger. We start loving speed, risks, pace etc. The only thing fascinating enough left in the amusement parks for us are the dangerous rides that only the strong hearted are willing to ride.

The Cautions are very clear. Not For Weak Hearted People. The video that we are about to show you is also not for the weak hearted people. In fact, merely even to see this video, you need to have lot of guts. So if you are gutsy enough (that you are), check out the video on the next page.

#2 The Video

The point here is that these amusement tycoons come up with pretty dangerous rides every now and then and of course it is our duty to do them and later brag about them to our buddies. We have seen high-speed roller coasters, insanely rotating and jerking pods and now they have come up with this sort of thing.

This is a whole new concept of an amusement ride where a part of the loop is "missing" and you just zoom through the air to the next set of tracks for this one. Before watching the video, let us again warn you that the video is not for weak people. But one thing is for sure, if you start watching the video, you'll see it again and again. Also, There is something very important that you should definitely know about this video. After you are done watching this, check out the next page to know more about that important thing.

#1 Reality Check

#1 Reality Check

Did you like the video? How was it? Breathtaking, right? Well, time for a reality check. For those who still don't get the cue, the video is not real and is making rounds on the internet. No park would ever allow that one even if the engineer was TOTALLY confident it would work 100% of the time, it's just too risky. Their insurance companies would slap the crap out of them. So the video is NOT REAL at all!!!

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