WATCH: Snake Caught Bunny, then Mom Rabbit Fought With Snake And Saved Bunny

Snake and rabbit fight

#3 Snake and Bunny

#3 Snake and Bunny

Snake and bunny fights have always surprised us! But this is not all, this one is between mom rabbit, bunny and snake!

The snake captures the baby bunny in his clutches so the mom rabbit gets angry and fights back to save his darling son bunny and ultimately rescues him! Why will not she!? She is a mother after all!

#2 Supermom

#2 Supermom

This video immediately got viral when it was posted for its interesting twists! The kids have already taken their sides to smash up the opponent! The mom rabbit usually abandons the bunny if touched by human, by when another reptile attacks, she is sure to save her baby bunny from him!

The video in the next section is the completely worth the time, go ahead to watch the video!

#1 The Video

This epic battle between the mom and snake took the supermom avatar to next level. She takes on the snake with her skilled gestures to save his baby! It will surely make you laugh!

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