WATCH: Russian Scientists Videotape The Giant Squid (Colossal Squid)

It looks Terrifying!

#3 Terrifying!

#3 Terrifying!

Bet you have not seen anything more terrifying than this! A group of Russian scientists were able to videotape the giant squid lately. It is the largest known of all squid species in the world. Oh, man, those eyes, they cannot be larger than that!

This gigantic colossal squid can be upto 46 feet in its length. Not only in the squid category, but also these are the largest known invertebrates in the world! WOW!

#2 Colossal Squid

#2 Colossal Squid

Another amazing fact is the female colossal squid is larger than the males. With the edgy and sharp tentacles, they form hooks at the ends of their tentacles. The beak of the colossal squid is also much larger than any other squid. This is the first ever time such a gigantic squid has been captured on the camera.

Look at the video in the next section!

#1 The Video

Huge and gigantic seems to be small worlds while describing this colossal squid. Completing falling by its name, this colossal squid is sublime! Witness yourself in the video!

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