VIDEO: X Factor Contestant Hits Her Friend Across The Face After Insulting One Of The Judges

Do they not endure as well as they're strolling off stage. Abby punches her companion

#3 Friends or foes?

#3 Friends or foes?

When two friends decide to audition together for a signing competition, it's not always the sweet bond that we get to see! Sometimes, it can be extreme reverse of it. People fight on stage, and the audience believe it to be some scripted part of the show. But here, it is not so! It is so very real.

This happened in one of the episodes of X Factor, where two contestants who were former friends started fighting with each other.

#2 Worst Attitude

#2 Worst Attitude

Yes, Abby and Lisa who went auditioning for the singing ended up fighting with each other on the stage itself in front of the judges so much so that one of them actually punched another one in the face. Can this X Factor audition get any worse?! Just when you thought no, there is one more twist in this incident which is even worse.

Keep reading to find out more about that. The incident is also captured on the video ahead!

#1 The Video

Not only did they fought amongst themselves, but they also severely insulted the judges and told the audience to shut up after getting booed. I bet this is one of the worst audition fail you would have ever witnessed

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