VIDEO: This Marble Race At The Beach Is Way More Fun Than It Should Be...I Didn't Blink Once!

Keeps you interested till the end!

#3 Unique Races

#3 Unique Races

We all have watched and heard about unique races such as dog race, chicken race, etc.
They are entertaining races and the competitors make it enjoyable to watch.

But you definitely wouldn't have heard about this new type of race and their unpredictable competitors!

#2 Marble Race

#2 Marble Race

Although marble racing sounds boring, this intense track on a sand slope and 12 marbles moving as quickly as possible creates a lot of anticipation.

You'll get to see a lot in this race, from quirky twists and turns to an unpredictable win!

To see the full race, check out the video ahead...

#1 The Race Video

The race surely does keep your attention till the end and with the running commentary, it just makes you bite your nails off!

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