VIDEO: This Dog Shows This Lion What It Means To BE A THUG!

Lions are the bosses of their areas. Ain't no one upset the lion when inside a cage. Unless you are Thug Dog!

#3 Lions are the bosses!

#3 Lions are the bosses!

Well, what is the most popular personality trait recently on fire? By the time you already guess it, let us break the ice it is swag. Yes, the swag! Boss, if you want those eyeballs on you, you got to have the swag.

Now swag does not come with power, authority or birth. It comes with attitude and will power to sustain.

#2 But this dog is a THUG!

#2 But this dog is a THUG!

Something similar was much proved by this canine, aka the thug dog. Now even before you start guessing this to be like any other dog-lion article by looking at the picture, let me tell, it ain't. All of us know that nobody messes up with the king. Cage or forest, royalty takes no nonsense, however this canine seems to believe differently.

Watch the video ahead..

#1 The Video

Not just that he has been able to impress the lady of the house, but also clears it who owns the joint. The dog not just teaches, what it is like to be a real thug, but also that even royalty gives up against his swag. The lions seem equally helpless as their lady loves are just too impressed by the canine. Watch how the dog takes over the power with sawg!

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