VIDEO: Sleeping Baby Suddenly Stands Up ON His Crib's Rail. What Happens Next Is CHILLING

A spooky video that resembles a scene taken straight out of Paranormal Activity has circulated around the web in simply an issue of days.

#3 Paranormal!

#3 Paranormal!

What you are about to see next would be very convincing to be fake however; I would like you to see it yourself and decide its truthfulness. The video records footage from some paranormal activities.

Chris and Keelan Chronicles shared on YouTube and it seems to have bragged a lot of attention in terms of views. On date, the video has already been viewed by 2 million.

#2 Spooky!

#2 Spooky!

One of the analyst comments, 'Did you see the apparition leaving his body?' Well, let us remove the mist and put it out in a clearer way. The video shows a child named Conner’s night alone instance, The footage has Conner standing up and adjusts himself on the edge of his bunk. Suddenly it shows Conner standing up on the edge and shouting before falling.

Watch the video in the next segment, but, on your own risk!!

#1 Catch the video here!

The next moment Conner is falling down, as if pulled by some unknown force that pulled him to floor and cannot be recognized with bare eyes. The video was captured by Nanny's cam and the footage being of night makes Conner's eyes glow, making it even creepier. The description of the video says that no youngsters were hurt and about the paranormal activity; you are free to decide yourself.

Watch the video here

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