VIDEO: Police Beat Up Mother In Front Of Her Kids! And She's Suing Carlsbad Police For Police Brutality!

Imagine what the kids would have gone through..Poor kids..Poor mom.

#3 Cindy Hahn was returning home with her kids.

#3 Cindy Hahn was returning home with her kids.

It was 2013 and Cindy Hahn and her kids were just returning home from a birthday party. When they decided to make a stop at a restroom.

Then, her auto caution went off suddenly!

Which surprised the officer who was near by.Not at all because he started talking very rudely to Cindy.

#2 She called up the police office..

#2 She called up the police office..

Not knowing what to do, Han called up the Police Office to complain. But the officer asked her to step outside the vehicle. And so he did.

In the next moment, the officer had Hahn pinned to the ground while she screamed that she didn't do anything.

She was pushed to the ground and assaulted brutally. She was later shifted to a healing center where it was said that she had head and brain contusions.

#1 She was accused of resisting capture.

Charges were pressed against her based on the police report documented regarding the incident.

But the charges were dropped.

How you ask? Let Cindy's lawyer Geragos explain..

“They didn’t know there was a video,” Geragos said. “I permitted no less than one of the cops to vouch for recount his story which we will altruistically call lying, however some would call prevarication.” “Later on, we demonstrated the video to the lead prosecutor, who expeditiously said, ‘your honor, we move to dismiss.”

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